Old Holland

  • violet grey
  • transparent red oxide lake

Daniel Smith

  • quinacradone sienna

Winsor Newton, Holbein, Rembrant( any professional quality brand)

  • alizarin crimson  
  • cobalt blue             
  • cad red light 
  • ultramarine
  • indian yellow 
  • prussian blue
  • cad yellow light 
  • phthalo green
  • cad yellow lemon

The first three colors are favorites of mine and mandatory for landscape painting. The last nine are also all on my basic palette, but i'm not fussy about which brand you use. I also use the occasional special color which I will share in class.


  • Completely your choice, but you need a variety of sizes. I paint with hog bristle for the initial block in and then switch to a softer sable or synthetic brush. I usually use flats or brights.


  • Get Fredrix red label in smaller sizes...8x10, 9x12. 11x14 or 12x16. We will probably finish 2 paintings....maybe 3 if you paint fast. Bring 2-3 canvases.


  • And a container to keep it in.



  • I use a shiny smooth floor tile that is 16x16. You can use whatever you use at home that is effective and has a good amount of mixing room.


  • Don't get a generic brand....they don't work as well.


  • This is a WN brand medium which speeds the drying time of oil paint. This is mandatory!


  • Lots of them. I will bring some of mine to share with you, but YOURS are better for you. Simple subjects are better. Complicated photos will probably increase the difficulty 10 fold. Be sure to have NICE SHADOW SHAPES in your photos.


  • I like the wide one that has an angled top edge...but anything you like will do.

Karen Leffel-Massengill



Pigments are Daniel Smith brand and can be bought at the Stuart Art Store

  • Aureolin                                              
  • Phthalo Turquoise
  • Quinacridone Gold                              
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Quinacridone Rose                              
  • Quinacridone Burnt Orange
  • Cobalt blue                                          
  • Carbazole Violet

Nice to have colors:

  • Cobalt teal                                           
  • Permanent Alizarin Crimson
  • Prussian Blue                                      
  • Cadmium Red Medium
  • Scarlet Lake

 Brushes:  Stuart Art Supply

  • Silver Black Velvet jumbo round size MD
  • Silver Black Velvet round sizes 10 and 4
  • Fritch Scrubber  (2) size 12

Arches 300lb. Cold pressed watercolor paper….minimum of 3 sheets to start

Paper towel….I like Viva the best

Big water container…mine would hold 5lbs of flour with room to spare

Small water container (to keep clean water)

Absorbent cloth …I use an old hand towel or something that size

Gator board …get this at the big size is best, but if room is a problem, the smaller size board will be okay for our class purposes.

Something that is about 4 inches tall that you can lean your gatorboard on to get a slanted surface upon which to paint….I use a short piece of 4x4 lumber that I got from Home Depot.

Petri Dishes size 95mm or the nearest size to 100mm.  You'll need a minimum of 10 dishes, 20 would be much better….or any other small container that has a fairly large, flat bottom.  You will be putting pigment in these containers with a water wash around the outside of the pigment.  Some people have used Ziploc (1 cup size) plastic containers that you can get in any grocery store.

General Class Information:

Most often class consists of the student painting from a photo that inspires him/her (yours or I have hundreds to choose from and will be happy to loan to you). From these photos, I teach value and color relationships as well as composition and design.

Current Classes:

​​Oil Painting Classes  @  Stuart Art Supply Studio

Mondays :        1/pm - 4/pm

Wednesdays :   9/am - 12/pm

Classes cost $135/month for (4) 3 hour classes

Walk-ins are always weclome @ $40/class.

(Those paying monthly have a reserved spot & walk-ins are first come / first serve basis)

Payments are made to Karen in class

Watercolor Painting Classes  @  The Elliott Museum

Tuesdays:         9/am - 12/pm

All payments for this class are via the Elliot Museum.

Please call (772) 225-1961, ext.121

(More information about this class to come soon)