Karen Leffel-Massengill


Prints of any image are available in the Giclée Gallery. All prints are signed and numbered by the artist. Several options are available.

1. Paper or canvas: both are available. Cost is the same for either.

2. Size: prints can be ordered in any size but the proportions must be the same as the original. For example, if the original is 8”x10”, you can order 16”x20” or 24”x30”, but not 12”x12” or 16”x30”.

3. Embellishment: A canvas print can be embellished (overpainted with oil paint) which will make it look more like the original. This is hand done by the artist and pricing reflects the level of embellishment. Canvas prints need to be stretched and framed which can be done in any reputable frame shop.

4. To calculate cost, first decide what size print you want and determine the combined inches by multiplying the height in inches times the width in inches. Then multiply the combined inches by the appropriate factor.

Paper or canvas unembellished: factor is (.3)

Canvas lightly embellished: factor is (.5)

Canvas heavily embellished: factor is (1.0)

(Example: an 8”x10” painting has 80 combined inches. Unembellished - 80 combined inches X factor .3 = $24 Lightly embellished - 80 combined inches X factor .5 = $40 Heavily embellished - 80 combined inches X factor 1.0 = $80)